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Table 3 Comparison of toxicity and side effects in different GEJ carcinoma trials

From: Radiotherapy for tumors of the stomach and gastroesophageal junction – a review of its role in multimodal therapy

Clinical Trial ACCORD07 CROSS Stahl 2009
Number of patients randomized 224 368 126
Patients with at least grade 3 toxicity 38% Hematologic: 7.6% All other: 13% Unspecified
Grade 3 – and 4 toxicity in control arm - - 5% (CT arm as control arm)
Grade 3–4 leukopenia during CT/CRT 5.5% 6% 12%
Grade 3–4 neutropenia during CT/CRT 20.2% 2% unspecified
Grade 3–4 thrombocytopenia during CT/CRT 5.5% 1% 5%
Progressive disease during preoperative therapy 11% Absolute number unspecified; 7 patients (4%) did not undergo surgery because of disease progression 10%
Deaths during CT/CRT 1% 1% One patient (2%) died in CT group; none died in CRT group
  1. Side effects and toxicity in GEJ carcinoma trials; in CROSS- and ACCORD07 trial, surgery only was defined as control arm; in Stahl 2009, CT arm was considered as control arm, CRT was considered as CT/CRT arm.