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Figure 3

From: The transcriptional regulator gene E2 of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) 16 influences the radiosensitivity of cervical keratinocytes

Figure 3

Plot of flow cytometry using PI-staining for cell cycle analysis of S12 cells (disrupted E2-gene). Legend 3: A = control group, B = 2 Gy (24 h), C = 7 Gy (24 h): Figure 3 shows flow cytomtric analysis of S12 cells 24 h after irradiation with 0 Gy, 2 Gy and 7 Gy. In the control group 58% of cells were in G1, 14% in S-phase and 27% in G2/M-phase. After irradiation with 2 Gy cell distribution remained the same. After irradiation with 7 Gy 50% of cells were in G2/M-phase, 41% in G1-phase and 9% in S-phase.

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