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Table 2 Characteristics of lesions classified as true positive

From: Detection of local recurrent prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy in terms of salvage radiotherapy using dynamic contrast enhanced-MRI without endorectal coil

Characteristics n (%)
Number of suspicious lesions per patient  
 unifocal 20 (91)
 bifocal 2 (9)
Location of suspicious lesions*  
 perianastomotic 19
 retrovesical 4
 other (peribulbic) 1
Shape of suspicious lesions  
 round 18
 planelike, elliptic 4
 irregular 2
Diameter of suspicious lesions (mm)  
 Median 10
 Mean 11±/4.4
 Range 5-20
Volume of suspicious lesions (mL)  
 Median 0.2
 Mean 0.4±0.4
 Range 0.1-1.5
  1. *Two patients had bifocal lesions, one of them in two different locations therefore the numbers add up to 24.