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Table 2 Current experimental strategies in the treatment of irradiated wounds

From: Wound healing after radiation therapy: Review of the literature

Experimental strategies
Dressings Injection of cells Topicals Application of growth factors
hydrogel membranes unirradiated fibroblasts polyphenolic bioflavonoids TGF-beta (1,2,3) and antisense TGF-beta oligonucleotides
bacterial cellulose dermis-derived multipotent cells phenylbutyrate, valproic acid, ascorbic acid platelet-derived growth factor
silver nanoparticles adipose-derived stem cells tissue and microbial transglutaminases recombinant human epidermal growth factor
skin allografts   copper tripeptide macrophage colony stimulating factor
   Thrombin receptor-activating peptide granulocyte colony stimulating factor
    basic fibroblast growth factor
    vascular endothelial growth factor
  1. Overview on current experimental strategies.