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Table 1 Examples of new low- and high-molecular-weight boron delivery agents currently under evaluation*

From: Current status of boron neutron capture therapy of high grade gliomas and recurrent head and neck cancer

Boronated unnatural amino acids[1214] Carboranyl nucleosides[16, 17]
Dodecaborate cluster lipids and cholesterol derivatives [18] Boronated porphyrins [1921]
Boron containing immunoliposomes [22] and liposomes [2326] Boronated EGF and anti-EGFR and VEGFR MoAbs [2733]
Boronated DNA intercalators [34] Boron-containing nanoparticles [35, 36]
Transferrin–polyethylene glycol (TF–PEG) liposomes [37, 38] Carboranyl porphyrazines [39]
Dodecahyrdo-closo-dodecaborate clusters [18] Boronated cyclic peptides [15]
  Boron nitride nanotubes [40]
  1. * The numbers indicated in brackets are cited in the reference section.