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Figure 9

From: Current status of boron neutron capture therapy of high grade gliomas and recurrent head and neck cancer

Figure 9

18FBPA-PET study prior to and 7 months following the first BNCT treatment. A. A 61 year-old female with residual maxillary adenoid cystic carcinoma (arrows) infiltrating into pterygopalatine fossa (T4N1M0) after maxillectomy, who was treated twice with BNCT using BPA followed by chemotherapy. B. Residual maxillary cancer and a regional lymph node metastasis were no longer evident at 42 months although bilateral multiple pulmonary metastases were detected at 18 months after the first BNCT treatment. The patient lived for 59 months following BNCT (Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 67:S37-S42, 2009).

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