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Figure 1

From: Correlation between egfr expression and accelerated proliferation during radiotherapy of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 1

Linear regressions for L EGFr group (diamonds) and H EGFr group (circles) with y=ln(ln LCRS/ lnLCRF) and x = (TS-TF) (days). The higher angular coefficient of HEGFr group line demonstrate a reduction of effective doubling time with respect to LEGFr group (proportionality with the inverse of the effective doubling time). Sub-figures refer to a different onset of accelerated repopulation (a) T k  = 0, (b) T k  = 14, (c) T k  = 21, (d) T k  = 28 days. Error bars represent the 95% confidence intervals.

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