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Table 1 Calibration factors for converting tracks per cm 2 into neutron dose equivalent in mSv for the different positions in the phantom

From: Monitor units are not predictive of neutron dose for high-energy IMRT

Depth in cm Neutron dose HP(10) (Am-Be)/(tracks per cm2) in mSv cm2 Neutron dose equivalent H (16 MV photons)/HP(10) (Am-Be)
in-field out-of-field
0.2 16.39 · 10-3 0.91 0.96
15.0 16.39 · 10-3 0.71 0.71
  1. The second column represents the initial absolute calibration from tracks per cm2 into mSv cm2, performed in the 241Am-Be neutron field. The third column contains the calibration factors considering the spectral changes with depth.