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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: 18 F-FDG PET-CT during chemo-radiotherapy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer: the early metabolic response correlates with the delivered radiation dose

Patient Sex Age Pathology cTNM Metabolic response (EORTC) on during-RT PET-CT Metabolic response (EORTC) on post-RT PET-CT Surgery pTNM
1 F 43 Adenocarcinoma T3N2M0 SMD PMR yes T3N1M0
2 M 53 Adenocarcinoma T2N1M0 PMR PMR yes T2N0M0
3 F 54 Adenocarcinoma T4N0M0 PMR PMR yes T1N0M0
4 M 59 SCC T2N2M0 PMR CMR yes T1N1M0
5 F 60 Adenocarcinoma T4N2M0 PMR PMR yes T1N0M0
6 M 60 SCC T3N2M0 PMR CMR yes T1N0M0
7 M 64 Large cell carcinoma T2N1M0 PMR CMR yes T0N2M0
8 M 65 SCC T4N1M0 PMR PMR no  
9 F 77 Adenocarcinoma T4N2M0 PMR PMR no  
10 M 78 SCC T3N2M0 PMR CMR yes T1N0M0
11 M 62 Adenocarcinoma T4N2M0 SMD PMR no  
12 M 70 Adenocarcinoma T4N3M0 PMR PMR no  
13 M 73 SCC T3N2M0 PMR PMR no  
14 M 55 Adenocarcinoma T4N0M0 SMD no  
15 M 58 Adenocarcinoma T2N2M0 No scan CMR yes T3N2M0
16 M 62 Large cell carcinoma T4N2M0 PMR No scan yes T3N0M0
17 M 63 Adenocarcinoma T4N2M0 No scan CMR yes T0N0M0
18 M 69 Adenocarcinoma T3N2M0 No scan CMR yes T0N0M0
19 M 71 SCC T2N1M0 No scan PMR no  
20 M 62 SCC T4N2M0 No scan PMR no  
21 M 69 SCC T4N2M0 SMD no  
22 M 68 SCC T2N0M0 PMR no  
23 M 74 Adenocarcinoma T4N3M0 No scan PMR no  
24 M 63 Adenocarcinoma T3N2M0 No scan SMD no  
25 M 65 SCC T3N0M0 No scan CMR yes T1N0M0
  1. SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; CMR, complete metabolic response; PMR, partial metabolic response; SMD, stable metabolic disease. †Patient died within 70 days after radiotherapy.