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Table 2 Surgery details and treatment outcomes after overall treatments

From: Upfront systemic chemotherapy and preoperative short-course radiotherapy with delayed surgery for locally advanced rectal cancer with distant metastases

Patient No. Interval from RT to OP (weeks) Surgery yp Stage* Maintenance
Pattern of failure Last follow up
1 12 LAR,
Lt. lobectomy and intraop RFA of liver
T3N1aM1a FOLFOX #4 Distant at 15.7 months 23.5 AWD
2 8 LAR,
Lt. oophorectomy
T3N0M0 A-FOLFOX #4 None 19.0 NED
3 14 LAR,
Lt. lobectomy
T3N0M1a None None 16.9 NED
4 7 LAR,
WR of Liver, BSO
T3N1aM1a FOLFOX #11 None 16.5 NED
5 14 LAR,
segmentectomy and WR of Liver
T3N2bM1a FOLFOX #4 None 15.5 NED
6 18 LAR,
WR of liver
T0N1aM1a FOLFOX #4 None 15.8 NED
  1. Abbreviations: RT, radiation therapy; OP, operation; LAR, low anterior resection; Lt., left; intraop, intraoperative; RFA, radiofrequency ablation; WR, wedge resection; BSO, Bilateral salphingo-oophorectomy; FOLFOX, 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin/oxaliplatin; A, avastin; AWD, alive with disease; NED, no evidence of disease.
  2. *AJCC 7th edition.