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Figure 5

From: Cationized gelatin-HVJ envelope with sodium borocaptate improved the BNCT efficacy for liver tumors in vivo

Figure 5

Anti-tumor efficacy of BNCT in mice with liver tumors. C3H/HeN mice were given an intra-portal injection of LM8G5 cells (1 × 106 cells) on day 0. Mice were given a single intra-cardiac injection of CG-HVJ-E-BSH (1.2 μg boron/g) 24 hours before irradiation, or BSH (35 μg boron/g) 1 hour before irradiation. PBS and CG-HVJ-E-BSH solution were administered without neutron irradiation as a control. After irradiation on day 8, mice were sacrificed on day 14 to determine the BNCT efficacy on tumor metastasis. A) Macroscopic views (a) of the liver with tumors after administration of PBS; (b) normal liver; (c) liver with tumors after BNCT with BSH, and (d) liver with tumors after BNCT with CG-HVJ-E. B) Liver weight after BNCT. * p < 0.05 compared with PBS or CG-HVJ-E without irradiation. (each group n = 4). C) Representative light microscopic views of liver tumor tissue (upper panels, low magnification) or normal liver tissue (lower panels, high magnification) 6 days after BNCT with CG-HVJ-E-BSH (1.2 μg boron/g) (a, c) or BSH (35 μg boron/g) (b, d). Sections are stained with hematoxylin-eosin. Bar: 100 μm.

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