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Figure 4 | Radiation Oncology

Figure 4

From: Cationized gelatin-HVJ envelope with sodium borocaptate improved the BNCT efficacy for liver tumors in vivo

Figure 4

Neutron capture radiographic image in murine liver sections after administration of BSH or CG-HVJ-E-BSH. Liver sections from tumor-bearing mice were prepared and frozen 1 hour after BSH (35 μg boron/g) injection or 24 hours after CG-HVJ-E-BSH (1.2 μg boron/g) injection. The sections were placed on CR-39 detector plates and exposed to thermal neutrons (2.1 × 1013 neutrons/m2·s1) for 1 hour. A) The number of α particles per 10,000 μm2 section was counted by VH Analyzer software after NaOH etching. B) The number of α particles per 10,000 μm2 section of BSH or C) of CG-HVJ-E-BSH (n = 3). D) Tumor-to-normal liver tissue (T/N) ratio for the number of α particles

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