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Table 3 Details of patients who developed a local or/and regional failure

From: Recurrence patterns of locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma after 3D conformal (chemo)-radiotherapy

Pt. no Primary tumor site Stage XRT dose
Type of relapse Site of first failure Time to failure (mo) Type of failure Metastasis
Primary Radical radiotherapy
1. Hypopharynx T3N0 55/20fr L Right Hypopharynx 23 infield -
2. Larynx
T4AN0 55/20fr L, R Anterior Ventricle
Level VI LN
17 Infield (L)
Outfield (R)
3. Oropharynx T1N2A 65/30fr R Right Level III LN
Left Level II, III, IV LN
21 Infield (Right side)
Outfield (Left side)
Lung (Synchronous)
4. Larynx
T3N0 55/20fr R Left Level II-III LN 11 Outfield Lung, bone (Synchronous)
5. Oral cavity T2N1 55/20fr R Right Level IV-V-VI 13 Outfield -
6. Larynx
T3N0 55/20fr L, R Glottic region
12 NA -
7. Oral cavity T4AN1 55/20fr L Left mandibular alveolus 14 Infield -
8. Larynx
T4AN0 55/20fr L Stoma 26 Infield Lung (Synchronous)
Concomitant chemoradiotherapy
9. Larynx
T1N2B 70/35fr L, R Base of tongue
Tumor nodules around stoma and skin
14 (L)
16 (R)
Infield -
Induction chemotherapy + radiotherapy
10. Larynx
T4AN0 55/20fr L Epiglottis, vocal cord 11 Infield -
11. Larynx
T3N3 55/20fr L, R Stoma
24 Infield Lung (Synchronous)
12. Oropharynx T4AN2C 55/20fr L, R Base of tongue, left tonsil
Left level II, III, IV LN
13 Infield -
13. Larynx
T3N2C 66/33fr L Supraglottic area 16 Infield -
14. Hypopharynx T4AN0 55/20fr L Post hypopharyngeal wall extending upper oesophageous 16 Infield -
Induction chemotherapy + chemoradioherapy
15. Larynx
T4AN2C 65/30fr R Right level II-III LN 12 Infield Bone (Synchronous)
16. Hypopharynx T2N3 65/30fr L, R Postcricoid tumor with extensive nodal spread 20 Marginal Lung (Synchronous)
17. Oropharynx T4AN2B 68/34fr R Left level III-IV LN 22 Infield -
18. Oropharynx T3N3 70/35fr L, R Supraglottic region, inferior aryepiglottic fold
Level IV LN
18 Infield Lung (Synchronous)
19. Oropharynx T4AN2C 68/34fr L Right post parapharyngeal 23 Outfield -
20. Larynx
T4N0 55/20fr L Right pyriform fossa 21 Infield -
  1. Abbrevations: L: local recurrence; R: regional recurrence; NA: not applicable; XRT: radiotherapy; LN: lymph node; fr: fraction