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Table 2 Patterns of first treatment failure

From: The effect of bioequivalent radiation dose on survival of patients with limited-stage small-cell lung cancer

Treatment No. of Patients Distant Metastases Alone Local-regional Recurrence Censored Observations
    Alone or with Distant Metastases Alone  
Lower BED group(≤57Gy) 70 28(40)b 21(30) 17(24) 21(30)
Higher BED group(>57 Gy) 135 60(44) 32(24) 20(15) 43(32)
All patients 205 88(43) 53(26) 37(18) 64(31)
  1. Censored observations indicate patients without recurrences or loss of follow-up.
  2. Data presented as the number of patients, with the percentage in parentheses.
  3. Abbreviations: BED = biologically effective dose with time correction.