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Table 7 Treatment planning

From: Clinical practice of image-guided spine radiosurgery - results from an international research consortium

Treatment planning system Pinnacle Pinnacle Pinnacle Varian Eclipse, Tomotherapy,
Pinnacle for Elekta
1. Elekta/CMS XiO,
2. Elekta/CMS Monaco
Linac model/MLC leaf width Elekta Synergy S/4 mm Synergy S/4 mm Elekta Synergy S/4 mm Elekta Synergy S,
Varian Triliogy,
Elekta Synergy S/4 mm
IMRT or VMAT treatment planning Both IMRT Both VMAT Both
If step-and-shoot IMRT: number of beams 9 beams on average 9 to 14, but most are 12 beams 9 - 11 beams 10 beams 10 beams
If VMAT: number of arcs 1-2 arcs Not applicable 1 arc 1-3 arcs 1. one arc 120-140 segments
2. VMAT - 4 arcs - 30-40 segments per arc
Full or partial VMAT arc 360 degrees 360 degrees 360 degrees 360 degree arcs 1. VMAT 350 deg arc
2. VMAT posteriorly biased arcs, 2 couch kicks
Photon energy 6 or 10 mV depending on location 6 MV 6 MV 6 MV 6 MV
Dosimetric parameters for plan acceptance No strict acceptance criteria. Usually V90 CTV V80 of at least 80-90% No strict acceptance criteria Generally D90