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Table 3 Imaging for staging & target definition

From: Clinical practice of image-guided spine radiosurgery - results from an international research consortium

Staging examinations prior to SBRT/SRS Oncologic staging is required None MRI spine None None
Slice thickness of Planning CT 1.5 mm 1.25 mm 1 mm 1 to 1.5 mm 2 mm
MRI used for target definition Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Planning MRI Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Slice thickness of planning MRI 2 mm 1.25 mm 1 mm 1.2 mm 3 mm/1.25 mm
MRI sequence used for target definition, T1 with and w/o contrast; T2 T1 with contrast; T2 T1 w/o contrast volumetric VIBE; T2 volumetric SPACE T1 with contrast volume acquisition T1 with and w/o
Dedicated FDG-PET/PET-CT for target definition Rarely Yes No Rarely Yes