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Table 1 Dosimetric parameters of radiation treamtment plan

From: Successful radiation treatment of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma metastatic to the right cardiac atrium and ventricle in a pacemaker-dependent patient

Structure Parameter Percentage of tissue receiving threshold dose
R lung V20 9.7%
L lung V20 1.95%
GTV V37.5 95.1%
PTV V37.5 69.77%
Lateral Left Ventricle V37.5 0.01%
Lateral Left Ventricle V25 6.14%
Medial Left Ventricle V37.5 0.95%
Medial Left Ventricle V25 45.7%
  1. Abbreviations: V20 = percentage of tissue receiving ≥ 20 Gy; V37.5 = percentage of tissue receiving ≥ 37.5 Gy; V25 = percentage of tissue receiving ≥ 25 Gy