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Table 4 Results based on univariate analysis

From: Toxicity and cosmesis outcomes after single fraction partial breast irradiation in early stage breast cancer

Parameters p-value
Erythema (≥G1vs. G0) against skin mean dose 0.008
Erythema (≥G1vs. G0) against WB mean dose 0.008
Erythema (≥G1vs. G0) against V18 Gy 0.009
Erythema (≥G1vs. G0) against PTV 0.010
Erythema (≥G1vs. G0) against PTV/WB 0.041
Telangectasia (≥G1vs. G0) against hormonal therapy 0.0178
Telangectasia (≥G1vs. G0) against V18Gy >20% 0.032
Telangectasia (≥G1vs. G0) against V21Gy>8% 0.0352
Telangectasia (≥G1vs. G0) against PTV > 97 cc 0.0406
Telangectasia (≥G1vs. G0) against previous acute erythema 0.0132
Late pain (≥G1vs. G0) against the upper quadrant 0.0446
Fibrosis/fat necrosis (≥G1vs. G0) against V18Gy>20% 0.0258
Fibrosis/fat necrosis (≥G1vs. G0) against V21Gy>66cc 0.00043
Fibrosis/fat necrosis (≥G1vs. G0) against WB mean dose>9Gy 0.0284
Fibrosis/fat necrosis (≥G1vs. G0) against PTV>97cc 0.0133
Fibrosis/fat necrosis (≥G2vs. G0-G1) against V21Gy>66cc 0.0033
Cosmesis (good/excellent vs.poor/fair) and WB mean dose >9Gy 0.030
Cosmesis (good/excellent vs.poor/fair) and ≥G2 fibrosis <0.0012
Cosmesis (good/excellent vs.poor/fair) and G3 fibrosis 0.0003