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Figure 4

From: Combination of suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid with heavy ion therapy shows promising effects in infantile sarcoma cell lines

Figure 4

Survival of Osteoblast Cell line after Radiation +/- SAHA Treatment at LD 20 . Survival of hFOB 1.19 cells treated with different doses of radiation given alone (open symbol) or in combination with the LD20 of SAHA (closed symbol). The data are mean values (and standard deviations) from three independent determinations for each treatment modality. The survival data after combined treatment are normalized to SAHA toxicity alone. The curves represent fits of the linear-quadratic survival expression to the respective data. The slashed lines show the calculated expectation for each modality revealing no additivity, but rather a protective effect in the real measurements (solid lines) in hFOB 1.19.

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