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Figure 1

From: In vitro characterization of cells derived from chordoma cell line U-CH1 following treatment with X-rays, heavy ions and chemotherapeutic drugs

Figure 1

Characters of cell lines. A) Growth curves for three cell lines. Black reverse triangle indicates HeLa cells, white circle indicates U87-MG glioma cells, and black circle presents chordoma origin U-CH1-N cells. B) Chromosome number of chordoma origin U-CH1-N cells. 50 metaphase chromosomes were scored to obtain average chromosome number. C) The substitution C at 412 (NM_000546) to 'G.' was detected in the 4th exon of the p53 gene in U-CH1-N cells. Note that 'C' from wild-type allele is also detected. Deduced amino acid sequence is indicated at the top, where the mutation deduces Proline at 72 to Arginine.

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