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Figure 4

From: Increased betulinic acid induced cytotoxicity and radiosensitivity in glioma cells under hypoxic conditions

Figure 4

Effects of BA and irradiation on protein expression levels of glioma cells. BA treatment affects the cleavage of PARP, the expression of survivin and hypoxia-induced HIF-1α protein levels in U251MG (left) and U343MG (right) cells. Cell lines were untreated (UT), treated with DMSO or with increasing doses of BA from 10, 20 or 25 μM under normoxic conditions (A, B) and untreated (UT), treated with DMSO or with doses of 10 or 15 μM BA plus irradiation at 15 Gy under hypoxic conditions (C, D). Actin served as an internal loading control. The Western blot shows one representative result out of three independent experiments.

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