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Table 2 Total Prescribed Dose (Gy) of EBT in patients categorized by whether they received EBRT in addition to EBT

From: Prospective multi-center trial utilizing electronic brachytherapy for the treatment of endometrial cancer

  EBT Alone EBT + EBRT Prescription
Dose (Gy) 5.5Gy x 4Fx to 0.5 cm 7Gy x 3Fx to 0.5 cm 8Gy x 2Fx to Vaginal Surface 6Gy x 3Fx to Vaginal Surface 5Gy x 4Fx to 0.5 cm
# of patients (%) 3 (20.0%) 7 (46.7%) 1 (6.7%) 3 (20.0%) 1 (6.7%)
  1. Gy = gray, EBRT= external beam radiation therapy, Fx = Fraction, cm = centimeter