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Table 3 D90 (for α/β = 2) tested against various variables for correlation analysis.

From: Radiobiological restrictions and tolerance doses of repeated single-fraction hdr-irradiation of intersecting small liver volumes for recurrent hepatic metastases

Interventions (n) p = 0.004
Cumulative Pseudolesion (cm3) p = 0.037
Interval: first irradiation - MRT (months) p = 0.005
Interval: last irradiation - MRT (months) p = 0.745
Mean interval between several interventions (ΣT/n) p = 0.092
  1. The D90 (for α/β = 2) correlated significantly positive with the number of interventions and the interval between the first irradiation and the last MRI (p < 0.05). There was a significant negative correlation between the D90 (for α/β = 2) and the volume of the cumulative pseudolesion (p = 0,037). There was a trend for a positive correlation (p = 0.092) between the D90 (for α/β = 2) and the mean interval between several interventions (ΣT/n).