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Figure 2

From: Potentials of on-line repositioning based on implanted fiducial markers and electronic portal imaging in prostate cancer radiotherapy

Figure 2

Basic definitions of the different error components: The setup error Δs and the motion error Δm can be added to the total error Δtot. For every patient j = 1...23 and portal image i = 1...8 the setup errors Δsij are determined by matching the bony contours of the portal images (i, j) to the reference images j (simulator radiographs) according Figure 1. The motion errors Δmij are determined after these matching procedures by subtracting the marker positions of the matched portal images (i, j) and the reference images j. The systematic error for a patient j is defined as the mean of single errors with respect to i = 1...8 portal images. The random error of patient j is defined as the standard deviation of this series. Then further statistical evaluation is possible, e.g. the mean systematic error for a series of patients (here 23 patients) in Table 2 and the mean standard deviations (mean random error) in Table 3.

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