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Table 4 Volumes (cc) identified after fusion of PET and CT images.

From: FDG-PET/CT imaging for staging and radiotherapy treatment planning of head and neck carcinoma

Volumes Mean Range Confidence Interval
PET/CT-GTV 26.0 5.0–78.7 15.9–36.2
PEToutCT 5.5 0.0–21.2 2.4–8.7
CToutPET 8.1 0.7–28.0 4.4–11.8
CT&PET 11.2 0.4–36.2 6.2–16.2
  1. Abbreviations: PET/CT-GTV: the composite volume between PET and CT; PEToutCT: the volume identified by PET but not by CT; CToutPET: the volume identified by CT but not by PET; CT&PET: the common volume of the two image modalities (CT and PET).