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Table 1 RTOG RPA classification for brain metastases and associated survival by class in patients treated with WBRT

From: Neuropsychological testing and biomarkers in the management of brain metastases

Class Patient characteristics Median survival (months)
I KPS ≥ 70 7.1
  Age < 65 years  
  Controlled primary tumor  
  No extracranial metastases  
II KPS ≥ 70 4.2
  One of the following:  
     Age ≥ 65  
     Uncontrolled or synchronous primary disease  
     Extracranial metastases  
III KPS < 70 2.3
  1. Abbreviations: RTOG = Radiation Therapy Oncology Group; RPA = recursive partitioning analysis; KPS = Karnofsky performance status.