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Figure 5 | Radiation Oncology

Figure 5

From: Experimental iodine-125 seed irradiation of intracerebral brain tumors in nude mice

Figure 5

HE-stained sections. Hematoxylin-eosin stained sections of mouse brain. (a) Section of an non-irradiated mouse brain with a large vital glioblastoma (T) that died 4.6 weeks after sham seed implantation. Normal brain tissue (B). (b) Section of the brain of the only long-surviving mouse in the group that was implanted with a sham seed. The mouse, euthanized 91 days after implantation, showed no vital tumor. (c) Section of the brain of an irradiated mouse that died from tumor progression 18 days after implantation of the 125I brachytherapy seed. Diffuse infiltration of cells (T) is present in the brain. (d) Section of the brain of an irradiated mouse euthanized at 13 weeks after implantation of a 125I brachytherapy seed showing regions of mechanical trauma (D), hypovascular brain tissue next to normal brain (B), but no vital tumor.

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