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Figure 2

From: Experimental iodine-125 seed irradiation of intracerebral brain tumors in nude mice

Figure 2

Sagittal view. Schematic sagittal view through the head of an intracerebral brain tumor-bearing mouse with implanted stereotactic screw containing an 125I brachytherapy seed. Cumulative radiation dose during 13 weeks for a 2 mCi 125I brachytherapy seed at four distances from the seed: (a) 2.5 mm below ('tumor dose' 52.1 Gy [integrated biological effective dose (BED) 91.2 Gy]), (b) 5 mm below ('minimal tumor dose' 23.0 Gy [integrated BED 30.6 Gy]), (c) 10 mm below ('pharynx dose' 7.8 Gy [integrated BED 8.7 Gy]) and (d) 5 mm central lateral (138.3 Gy [integrated BED 414.2 Gy]). T, tumor; B, brain; GS, subcutaneous plastic guide-screw through the skull.

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