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Table 1 Motion of intra-thoracic structures in patient1 (i) during audio-coached 4DCT scan, (ii) in the gating phases of 4DCT scan, and (iii) TI-EPI during phase end-inspiration RGRT.

From: Verifying 4D gated radiotherapy using time-integrated electronic portal imaging: a phantom and clinical study

Patient 1 4DCT (all phases) 4DCT gated (three phases)
  X (Max motion) Y (Max motion) X (1 SD motion) Y (1 SD motion) X (Max motion) Y (Max motion)
Carina (bifurcation) 2.8 mm 10.0 mm 1.2 mm 3.8 mm 1.8 mm 2.5 mm
Proximal bronchus (bifurcation) 3.7 mm 17.5 mm 1.3 mm 5.7 mm 1.9 mm 5.0 mm
End-inspiration gating (26 treatments) Gating reproducibility (excluding patient set-up errors)   
  X (Mean error) Y (Mean error) X (1 SD motion) Y (1 SD motion)   
Bronchial tree 0.7 mm to lateral 2.8 mm to cranial 0.7 mm 1.6 mm