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Figure 1

From: Linkage disequilibrium pattern of the ATM gene in breast cancer patients and controls; association of SNPs and haplotypes to radio-sensitivity and post-lumpectomy local recurrence

Figure 1

Schematic illustration of the ATM gene. The distribution of the variations detected in the studied materials along the gene is shown in the upper panel with exonic variants indicated on top of the gene and intronic below the gene, illustrated by colored triangles (pink for Norwegian controls, blue for Norwegian breast cancer patients and green for American breast cancer patients, numbers above/below is consistent with numbering used in Additional file 1). Below is given an illustration of the protein with important areas such as substrate binding domains, Leucine zipper, ATP-binding domains, FAT domain and PI3K domain [17] together with exonic information. (The size of the exons and the distance between them are not indicative of the sizes/distances in the gene/protein).

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