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Table 1 Overview on the available mechanistic data regarding the activity of coxibes in prostate cancer

From: Combination of celecoxib with percutaneous radiotherapy in patients with localised prostate cancer – a phase I study

Cancer Type Treatment Investigation Results Reference
LNCaP PC 3 Celecoxib In vitro Increased cell death/apoptosis Kamijo 2001
PC 3 Celecoxib In vitro/Xenograft G1 block/reduced DNA synthesis/growth inhibition by COX-2 independent mechanism Patel 1999
LNCaP PC 3 Celecoxib In vitro Growth inhibition Srinath 2003
LNCaP PC 3 Celecoxib In vitro Induction of apoptosis by blocking Akt activation independently of Bcl-2 Hsu 2000
PC 3 Celecoxib+ radiation In vitro Up-regulation of COX-2, elevated PGE2 levels after irradiation Steinauer 2000
LNCaP PC3 DU-145 Celecoxib+ radiation In vitro Bax-independent pro-apoptotic effect of Celecoxib Handrick 2004
LNCaP DU-145 PC-3ML Celecoxib+ COL-3/Docetaxel In vitro/Xenograft Augmentation of chemotherapeutic drug-induced apoptosis by activation of caspase 3 and 9 Dandekar 2005