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Table 3 Dose coverage of the planning target volumes (PTV 1, high dose, PTV 2 low dose) and the better spared parotid gland after irradiation with tin-wax-compensators or MCP 96 alloy compensators in 39 patients with advanced head and neck carcinoma requiring bilateral irradiation.

From: 3D-conformal-intensity modulated radiotherapy with compensators for head and neck cancer: clinical results of normal tissue sparing

Coverage high dose PTV 1 (D95/D90) median 91%/97%
Coverage low dose PTV 2 (D95/D90) median 92%/96%
Dose at spared parotid gland mean 25.9 (16.3–46.8) Gy
   Tin-wax-granulate mean 26.4 (21 – 46.8) Gy
   MCP 96 alloy mean 24.2 (16.3–27.6) Gy