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Table 3 PTV dose conformality for the IMRT, CRT and 4FB plans in 12 patients

From: Dosimetric comparison of intensity-modulated, conformal, and four-field pelvic radiotherapy boost plans for gynecologic cancer: a retrospective planning study

Technique CN Median Range CN p
IMRT – 6 field 0.75 0.61–0.87 0.001
IMRT – 8 field 0.75 0.60–0.84 <0.001
CRT 0.6 0.36–0.74 NS
4FB 0.59 0.53–0.62  
  1. (4FB) Four field box technique
  2. (CN)Conformation number. A value of zero indicates complete geographic miss of the PTV. A value of 1 indicates perfect conformality of the 95% isodose volume to the PTV.
  3. (CRT) Conformal radiotherapy
  4. (IMRT) Intensity-modulated radiotherapy
  5. (NS) Not significant
  6. (p) p-value by paired t-test relative to 4FB