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Table 1 Current phase II/III trials assessing EGFR inhibitors in combination with radiation (RT) locally advanced non-metastatic stage IV squamous-cell cancer of the head and neck

From: The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in head and neck cancer: its role and treatment implications

Trial Protocol ID EGFR inhibitor Status Comments
Phase III RTOG-0522 Cetuximab Active Concurrent chemoRT +/- C225
Phase II ECOG-E3303 Cetuximab Active Concurrent chemoRT + C225, followed C225 maintenance
Phase II RTOG-0234 Cetuximab Active Surgery followed by adjuvant chemoRT (cisplatin vs. docetaxel) + C225
Phase II NCT00140556 Erlotinib Active Concurrent chemoRT + erlotinib + bevacizumab
Phase II NCT00226239 Cetuximab Active Induction chemotherapy with docetaxel/cisplatin + C225 followed by RT/cisplatin + C225
Phase II NCT00193284 Gefitinib Active Induction chemotherapy with docetaxel/carboplatin/5-FU + gefitinib followed by RT/gefitinib +/- docetaxel
  1. EGFR: epidermoid growth factor receptor